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 Background Check Status


If you or your potential employees have been fingerprinted as a part of a background check, you may use this page to view its status.  Licensees are reminded that if a potential employee has completed a background check at another facility, you must submit a request to your local licensing office to have the person associated to your facility. If you do not associate the person to your facility, you may be cited and required to pay an immediate civil penalty. The form to use to request association to your facility is the LIC 9182.

To protect the privacy of personal information, only the following types of responses are available to your inquiry:

  • Passed
    CCLD records show that this person has been approved for employment or presence in this facility. This may be used by the licensee as official notice that the individual has passed this portion of the background check process. The licensee should print this page and keep it in the person's official file in the facility, even after the licensee has received official written correspondence concerning this person. There may be changes in a person's background check status. The licensee of the facility to which the employee is associated will be notified of such changes in writing.

  • Not Complete
    CCLD records show that the background check process has been initiated for this person at this facility.  However, it has not been completed.  If it has been longer than the processing time, please contact your local District Office for more information.

  • No Match
    CCLD has no match for this person at this facility.  If the search information is correct and it has been longer than the processing time, please contact your local District Office for more information.

Background Check Status Inquiry Form

Fill in the following information to check your status. All of the fields must exactly match the information on your fingerprint application, including any punctuation.

Facility Number:

First Name:

Middle Initial:

Last Name:

Date of Birth:

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